Joseph Smith Lebensgeschichte ein Plagiat?

Hat Joseph Smith 1838 vor dem Hintergrund der Krise in Kirtland nicht nur seine Version der ‚Ersten Vision‘ erheblich verändert, sondern gar in Guttenberg`scher Manier abgekupfert?

So beschreibt Norris Stearns 1815 seine Vision, als er mit religiösen Zweifeln zu kämpfen hatte:

“At length, as I lay apparently upon the brink of eternal woe, seeing nothing but death before me, suddenly there came a sweet flow of the love of God to my soul, which gradually increased. At the same time, there appeared a small gleam of light in the room, above the brightness of the sun, then at his meridian, which grew brighter and brighter: As this light and love increased, my sins began to separate, and the Mountain removed towards the east. At length, being in an ecstacy of joy, I turned to the other side of the bed, (whether in the body or out I cannot tell, God knoweth) there I saw two spirits, which I knew at the first sight. But if I had the tongue of an Angel I could not describe their glory, for they brought the joys of heaven with them.

“One was God, my Maker, almost in bodily shape like a man. His face was, as it were a flame of Fire, and his body, as it had been a Pillar and a Cloud. In looking steadfastly to discern features, I could see none, but a small glimpse would appear in some other place. Below him stood Jesus Christ my Redeemer, in perfect shape like a man—His face was not ablaze, but had the countenance of fire, being bright and shining. His Father’s will appeared to be his! All was condescension, peace, and love!!”
(Richard L. Bushman, “The Visionary World of Joseph Smith”, BYU Studies, 37, 1)

Im Vergleich dazu Joseph Smith Lebensgeschichte 16-17:

But, exerting all my powers to call upon God to deliver me out of the power of this enemy which had seized upon me, and at the very moment when I was ready to sink into despair and abandon myself to destruction—not to an imaginary ruin, but to the power of some actual being from the unseen world, who had such marvelous power as I had never before felt in any being—just at this moment of great alarm, I saw a pillar of light exactly over my head, above the brightness of the sun, which descended gradually until it fell upon me.
It no sooner appeared than I found myself delivered from the enemy which held me bound. When the light rested upon me I saw two Personages, whose brightness and glory defy all description, standing above me in the air. One of them spake unto me, calling me by name and said, pointing to the other—This is My Beloved Son. Hear Him!

Parallelen sind unterstrichen. Die Motive und Formulierungen sind schon überraschend ähnlich und wohl kaum dem Zufall geschuldet. Auf jeden Fall war Joseph Smith nicht der Einzige, der in dieser Zeit und Gegend göttliche Erscheinungen zu haben glaubte - im Gegenteil es gab noch Dutzend andere wie Richard Bushman herausfand. Also war Joseph Smiths Visionserlebnis eher typisch für die damalige Zeit als eine Ausnahme.

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